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Gas powered CompressorWelderOur trucks are fully equipped for on-site repair and emergency assistance. Each vehicle carries a gas-powered electric welder and air compressor, torch equipment, all necessary power tools…and an inventory of commonly used parts.

Mobile radios, backup alarms and emergency lights are standard equipment.

Our extensive services include:

  • Rollup or overhead doors
  • Lights
  • Dolly legs
  • Interior plywood repair
  • Side paneling straightening
  • Roof replaces and patch
  • Side panel patching and floor work
  • General preventative maintenance
  • FWHA annual inspections
  • Chassis and Container Repairs
  • And more

Welding a trailerThe Echlin Company passes all tests each year and state law licenses our equipment. We are fully insured…and conduct frequent safety seminars on OSHA requirements for our mechanical staff.

We provide complete maintenance and repair services in our fully equipped shop when you rigs are idle for more in-depth repair work when required.

Our computerized office staff handles efficient processing of work orders and billing.

Leasing Services:

Echlin can also make our mechanics and equipment available to you on a leasing basis.
To Keep Your Trucks Rolling

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